Connecting tenants and subletters for college students.


The Problem

College students are constantly on the move either studying abroad, relocating for internships, summer housing, etc., and are always in need of a subletter to take their place.
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What We Do

Provide a platform for tenants to post listings of their living space and connect with potential interested subletters. We limit users to college students to increase comfort and safety.

How This Works

Step 1:

Create an account with us!

Log in with a Google account or an email/password combination.

Step 2:

In need of a subletter? Click our Listings tab and post your house!

Looking for a place to stay? Click our Map tab and browse near the campus you are looking to sublet from!

Step 3:

Tenants: Wait for a potential subletter to reach out to you.

Subletters: Keep checking back for new listings to be posted! If you have found a potential place to stay, you can find their contact information through the infomarker on the map.

Step 4:

Connect with each other, and good luck with your housing!

Who We Are

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Amber Chong

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Quinn Clarke-Magrab

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Peter Gramaglia

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Noah Zhang

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